2018 Project 52 is Here!

2018 Project 52 is here! And we’re kicking it off today with our first prompt in hopes of having folks share their first photo next Wednesday – so we can have 52 photos in 2018. ;)

If you haven’t joined our 2018P52 Flickr group yet, please do. We have a healthy number of followers so far and I think we’ll see a few join us along the way, but I am excited to see new names as well as returning ones. And if Flickr isn’t your thing, share your images wherever you like; I post mine here on my blog and on Instagram and Facebook. Just use the hashtag #2018P52 so we can find you and give you some love.

OK, so this project means something different to everyone and I want to remind you that it is a personal challenge: there is no winner, there is no loser, and you’ll get out of it what you put into it. I host this project because it gives me what I need to keep moving forward. I love seeing everyone else’s photos, but I also like taking my own – learning a new technique, trying something way out of the box, revisiting something I’ve done before in a new way, pushing myself when I can and not beating myself up when I can’t. And I’d like you to approach it that way too.

Shoot for yourself, not for strangers on the Internet. If your goal is to learn your way around camera, then set it to manual and keep at it every week. If your goal is to keep your camera in your hands, this project may inspire you to do so each week. If your goal is to find who you are as a photographer and make art, then we’re in this together! But take time for yourself, pause when something catches your eye, shoot with intention and don’t be afraid to fail – because what you consider a failure might inspire someone else.

We have a lot of interesting stuff in our hat for this year’s project! My friends from last year’s P52 said they wanted to experiment with more techniques, so we have those. And some composition prompts to keep us working those muscles. And some “seek and find” prompts. And some that are open to interpretation. So let’s get this thing started!!!

OK, so are you ready?!?!

Week 1: Self-portrait
due 01.03.18

This shouldn’t surprise you. ;) Since there are a lot people in our Flickr group who don’t know one each other, let’s introduce ourselves with a self-portrait.

A self-portrait is to be created by the photographer themselves, not a second person, but there are many ways to take a picture of yourself when you don’t like being in front of the camera. If the camera’s timer isn’t your thing, look around you for inspiration. Find your reflection in your surroundings. Or make it anonymous by hiding your identity; use light or props to disguise your face, focus on a body part like your hands or feet or discover your silhouette. (I do ask that we keep it clean. We have a “safe” rating on Flickr and unsavory images will be removed.)

When you post your image to the group (select our group when uploading to Flickr), feel free to tell us a little about yourself – one of the great things about doing a project with a group of people is meeting new folks and learning from one another. And be sure to tell us where you live! That has been my favorite part of this project, to see all around the world through another person’s eyes.

If you post your images on Instagram or any other social media, use the hashtag #2018P52 so that we can find your work and share some hearts!
Have questions about 2018 Project 52? You can find more about it here or in the 2018P52 Flickr group description. Join us any time with any camera.

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