A Huge Thank You

Wow-wee-wow!  You guys sure do know how to make a girl feel special!

Didn’t I say on my birthday post back in February I had major plans and big goals?  I wasn’t lying, people.  ;)

I was very excited (and slightly nervous) to share the new website yesterday.  Not that I thought I’d have mud-slingers in my midst, but because it is a big change.  Shutterboo has been my interweb home since 2009… that’s a decent amount of time in the world of blogging… but that’s why it’s staying where it is.  I may not be updating it, but I love the idea of revisiting old posts; especially the ones where I made a fool of myself.  For example, the post where I seriously considered wearing a helmet full-time.  And another one that’s wholly dedicated to a dead violet.  Then there’s the BDD, of course.

And there are so many families I’ve photographed the last few years and Ill admit to being the type that likes to browse through and relive the sessions.  I adored the session I had with three collegian women (even though I left feeling older than when I arrived).  The energy and love and colors that Heather and Robby brought to their session could make me smile for days.  I loved meeting Baby Hadley and playing with Liam – I made a new BFF that day.  And the Hamilton sisters with those fantastic kiddos – that afternoon playing in the leaves was a blast.

My friend Katie said it best: It’s a great way to see how far I’ve come.

I have high hopes for the new site and the new brand.  I’ve been cooking up ideas to keep me not only posting more frequently but sharing more of myself.  I felt like I was beginning to lose my voice, which I didn’t think was possible… but I with a little focus and a lot of enthusiasm, I can pull a few things off.  That’s right, this old dog has new tricks.  Or at least I think I do.  Only time will tell.

And thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love you shared with me yesterday on Facebook!  I’m so happy to have the new page well established on Day One and was overwhelmed with your likes, comments and following.  But I’m more happy to know that there many people out there that are as excited as me.

*interweb high-five*

So here’s to new beginnings – to letting your heart lead the way, your brain to driving the train and your self to feeling good inside and out.

By the way, the BDD says thank you too.  She may not look it, but she’s fired up about Brooke Murphy Photography!

Lazing BDD

katie - And I truly believe what I said…it is such a fantastic measure of your success and growth. And this website epitomizes everything about you.