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Before I begin, let me say that I’m not the type to host a themed party.  I love them, love looking at photos of balls-to-the-walls weddings and showers and birthday parties.  That’s not me.  I cannot pull it off.  But that doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun trying. :)

For one whole week I did nothing but  get things ready.  I swept and vacuumed three nights.  I ran errands.  Went to the grocery store.  A couple of times.  Bought flowers and arranged them.  Even got crafty with paper, an exacto knife and bamboo skewers.  And it was so much fun!  Of course, everything else got put on the back burner.  Laundry… editing photos… blogging… you give a little, you lose a little.  But for my friend Martha, it was well worth it.

Baby Ward

So a quick back story: Martha wears a lot of teal and green.  She has teal and green in her home.  When I look at Martha, I see teal and green.  So when I found a cute little onesie invitation that was – wait for it – teal and green, it was a done deal.  From there, it just evolved.  Together, Mike and I shopped for fun onesies for our friends’ new baby.  I worked with a sorority sister to decorate some onesie-shaped sugar cookies.  I got crafty with paper and made a banner of onesies for her cake.  The rest – teal and green.

Badabing, badaboom.  And then there was a cute little baby shower.  :)

Baby WardBaby WardBaby WardBaby Ward

The onesies.  The crib onesie was really for Alan, Martha’s husband, as he built the baby’s crib.  Himself.  He’s a carpenter and made a beautiful cherry with walnut inlay crib.  It’s insane and lovely and perfect all at the same time.

The “Thing 1” onesie was to match the maternity shirt that Martha had.  I thought she would love it.  (She kind of did.)  And “Soft Kitty”… well… we all laugh at Big Bang Theory, but joke that Alan has a bit of Sheldon about him.  Mike found it and insisted.  And it happens to be my favorite. *little ball of fur*

Baby WardBaby WardBaby WardBaby Ward

Even Baby Lucy came to the shower to hang out.  Love this little girl to bits.

Baby Ward

Us girls had a great time together talking, watching gifts being opened, noshing on chicken salad and boxed funfetti cake.  I was thrilled to host Martha’s baby shower and I really did have fun getting it all together.  I had fun eating that cake too.  Actually, I want more cake now.  And I would totally share it with Martha.  She doesn’t judge – that’s why I keep her. xoxo

To see Martha and Alan’s maternity photos, click here.
To meet Baby Calvin with his family, click here.

Cookies were made by Jacqueline of Bakesmith Custom Confections.

Dawn - The results are adorable! I love it.

And where did you get the Soft Kitty onesie? Because I’m pretty sure that my kid’s going to need one, too.

rachel - Awesome photos, except for that last one – who took that one? ;)
I had a great time as I am sure everyone did. The cake was good. I think I liked the sour cream with brown sugar for the strawberries the best. totally going to steal that idea for my next party!

martha - I would love some more yummy cake! Great pics too! Brooke’s amazing with food and photography.

Mer - Great photos. An amazing onesies!!! I want the soft kitty one! Another fine job, lady.

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