“Broken Down” in Downtown Louisville

Last weekend, Mike offered to escort me on a photo exploration. I was trying to capture an image for the 2017 Project 52 theme “broken down” and he offered to drive with me to a few different places in and around downtown Louisville.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures downtown over the years. I’ve worked in different downtown areas for a total of seven years now, so there’s been opportunity to explore with my camera. The thing is is that I don’t always feel safe. Especially where I work now. When I’m with another person or a group, I’m good to go. But sometimes being by yourself can be an invitation to other people. Luckily, I’ve only ever been asked for cigarettes or money, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We started out in the Portland neighborhood searching for some mansions that had long been abandoned. We never found them. Well… we found one on Jefferson Street, but it had been recently restored (and is so beautiful now). But we kept driving down streets, taking any turns that we wanted, and would stop when something seemed cool. We eventually drove out of Portland and found a cleared lot with only a chimney left standing on Main Street. We went back east and found our way going south into Old Louisville where I found THE PLACE that was perfect for “broken down.”

We only drove around a bit more and then headed home. But from our two-hour exploration, I had some new photos that I really liked.

There’s still so much that I’ve never seen in my home town. It’s big enough to remain a mystery, but small enough to meet someone new and have a mutual friend. And in the first hour, I wasn’t feeling the “driving” part of this photo adventure – I’d much rather walk and stop when I want to take a photograph. But some of the areas we were in weren’t the safest. Regardless, my favorite part of it all was that it was Mike’s idea. I love that man.