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Doggin Love No. 13 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Because, be honest, who doesn’t love that doggin ear sticking straight up?  Even if doesn’t work, I love it. #BDDlove Brooke Murphy is a Louisville Photographer who works with couples, newborns and families – to see more of her work, visit her portfolio visit her portfolio. You can also follow Brooke on Facebook.

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Doggin Love No. 12 | Instagram Love

These days it seems that I take more photos of my doggins with my phone that I do with my camera.  Mainly because they’re cuter, squishier, easier to photograph with a phone – if I got up to the get the camera, they’d follow me.  And be less cute and squishy.  So since I really […]

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Doggin Love No. 11 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Going old school today and instead of doggin love, I’m sporting puppy love.  Chase and Chevy, the first days we brought them home.  Sweet little four-legged boogers before they counter-surfed, hogged the bed and became drama queens about anything and everything. But what’s not love about some warm puppy breath. ♥ Chase – little body, big […]

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