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Doggin Love No. 3 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

If there is a camera present, they ignore me.  Chase walks away.  The BDD turns her back to me.  Drama queens. But it’s amazing what these doggins will do for peanuts.  Lucky for them, I share my peanuts. Brooke Murphy is a Louisville Photographer who works with couples, newborns and families – to see more […]

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Doggin Love No. 2 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Oh BDD.  You brought this on yourself, you silly mutt, you. We’re not sure why, but the BDD had a hankering to itch a scratch to the point that her fur disappeared.  On her tail.  A big bald spot with broken black fur, with pinkish-gray spotted skin showing through and one single sore that she […]

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Doggin Love No. 1 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

I love my doggins. I talk about them often.  I share too many pictures of them on Instagram.  Thus “doggin love.” :) It’s no secret that dogs love peanut butter. Heck, it’s no secret that I love peanut butter.  (I may keep a stash at work. In a drawer.  An arm’s-length away.  Possibly.)  Anyway, after […]

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