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The Latest & Greatest | How 2019 is Going

The plan for this year was to take a break from the blog – and it’s been radio silence for almost six months now. Sometimes I miss it… other times I’m grateful to not feel guilty about ignoring it, but I have been thinking more about what I miss exactly. I share a lot of […]

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Books of 2017 | My Reading List

Last December I joined a few friends for a book club. I’ve joined a few book clubs that usually fizzle out, but we had a plan with ours. We take turns picking a book every month and we reward ourselves with brunch where we can catch up with each other talk about the book. And […]

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I Did Yoga For A Week – This is What I Learned

Real talk: I hate working out. I’ve tried running and failed. I’ve tried going to gym and it failed eventually. I’ve tried riding a bike and that was a disaster I don’t want to talk about. I’ve been to a yoga class, but a hot yoga class before distracted me (think warm air, carpeted floor […]

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