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Books of 2017 | My Reading List

Last December I joined a few friends for a book club. I’ve joined a few book clubs that usually fizzle out, but we had a plan with ours. We take turns picking a book every month and we reward ourselves with brunch where we can catch up with each other talk about the book. And […]

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I Did Yoga For A Week – This is What I Learned

Real talk: I hate working out. I’ve tried running and failed. I’ve tried going to gym and it failed eventually. I’ve tried riding a bike and that was a disaster I don’t want to talk about. I’ve been to a yoga class, but a hot yoga class before distracted me (think warm air, carpeted floor […]

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The Oldham County Fair

The county fair has been a tradition of ours since we moved to Oldham County. We meet up with friends from college, their kiddos in tow, and enjoy what it all has to offer. The rides. The fried food. The petty zoos. The cotton candy. The kettle corn. And usually end the night with some […]

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