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Part 2: Cruising Into an Oasis | The Islands

We treated ourselves to a getaway the best way we know how: on a cruise vacation. The ship was wonderful, the food was delicious, the people we met were very nice and the ports were… okay. Honestly, I wasn’t very excited about our destinations. We’d already been to Cozumel a couple of times and once […]

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Part 1: Cruising Into An Oasis | The Ship

Mike and I have found that cruise vacations are for us. We’ve been on a few with friends over the years, visited some beautiful islands, went on fun adventures and made some great memories. The last couple cruises we’ve done alone, but we still enjoy it even if we don’t get as adventurous. Just a […]

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On my last birthday, I was feeling soooo good. I had a few surprises throughout the day and I was just in a really good place mentally and emotionally. I had recently received a promotion at work, was recognized by my peers, and feeling really confident about my work life, my home life and everything […]

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