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A Look Into Year 31 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

A little more than four months have passed since my birthday.  I have big plans for this year… and even declared it a year of change on my old blog.  Several things have changed for the better, the biggest being re-branding my photography business to Brooke Murphy Photography.  But other ambitions have fallen flat.  I […]

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Nine Years | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

The older I get, the faster time flies.  I can’t imagine how it is with those that have children – it must go by even faster.  The ticks and tocks flash by in such a hurry.  And somehow Mike and I find ourselves celebrating nine years of marriage.  Already. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been married […]

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My heart has been so full the last few days.  With happiness and excitement.  Celebrating expecting mothers, newborn babies and friendship… But my heart has also been pulled down, full of sympathy for strangers and acquaintances alike.  With worry of families that are missing each other… families everywhere, because tragedy strikes anywhere at any time. […]

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