Chow Wagon Opening Day | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

My girlfriends and I have a long-standing tradition: The Chow Wagon.  With the Kentucky Derby Festival in full gear, we hit it up the opening day last week.  It happened to be the same day as the hot air balloon glimmer.  *small claps*  But every year we meet on the Waterfront, share a few cold drinks, eat horribly awesome deep-fried food, talk about the latest, relive the best and leave with more good stories for next time.

I’ve been friends with Abby and Kelly for years.  I’m so glad that we keep each other around.  :)

I had my camera stuffed in my purse and threw on my lightest lens: the nifty fifty.  It’s been a while since I’ve used it, but I was hoping for some great backlight images.  Just for fun.

Kelly wanted to try next.  She’s long been obsessed with taking photos, has the most pictures of all of us together, goes through cameras like whoa.  I told her to try to have our bodies block the sun… she said she couldn’t do it… so we helped. :)

Kelly finally got it after a few tries.  It makes me smile.

But the balloons – I love hot air balloons!  With a little over a week before the Kentucky Derby, all things are racing related.  The marathon, the bed races, the steamboat race, but the balloon race is one of my favorites.  So many balloons in the air at once – I actually saw this way off in the sky over downtown Louisville while I made my way to work on Friday.  Once dusk settled, that’s when I wished I had more than the 50mm only because it was too zoomed to capture the whole experience.

But we worked with what we got… had fun with the Wicked balloon… and took advantage of the few seconds heat they put off as they glimmered.  Our annual tradition keeps going strong.

Tomorrow is Derby Day  – the 139th run for the roses.  I’m celebrating local-style with good friends and good food from the comfort of a couch.  But just because I’m not at Churchill Downs doesn’t mean I don’t cheer my horse on as loud as I can.  Go Baby, GO!

Amy - I love these. Especially you blocking the sun. And the Wicked balloon remake. Also, love your sweater. Also your face.