Documentary Approach Workshop | Week One

I’ve been wanting to take a photography workshop for about the past year – something to get my wheels turning, dive back into shooting for myself, rediscover what I love to photograph. And when I saw that the Documentary Approach workshop was open, I was ready to sign up! But… I had a big concern. While the Click Photo School hosts the workshop, most of the folks signing up are associated with Clickin Moms… was this a photo class for moms? I actually reached out to the instructor and she reassured me that anyone could take the workshop, but children made it easier to shoot daily. In her words “they are low hanging fruit.” But I did it. I signed up.

This past week was the first week of the workshop. And while I consider myself well off with the basics of photography and have figured out my style, I was hit in the face with a load of information about different elements that help elevate the scene of a photograph and help tell the story. It’s been a lot to digest and the side conversations of finding your why, shooting with her heart, even some real talk… I felt like I wasn’t connecting with the other people in the workshop. Actually, I threw a pity party for myself.

I want to get the most out of the workshop so I want to participate as much as possible. Share photos daily, comment on others, look at the students’ photos and read those comments too… but there are not enough hours in the day to do all of that AND walk away feeling like I learned something. I also have to get over trying to compare myself and my photography – my photos will not be like anyone else’s because I do not have little human beings that showcase a million emotions every minute of the day. No more pity party. Put on those big girl panties. Do your best.

I just uploaded my week one assignment to the forum. One photo, that’s all I get. And now I wait for the constructive criticism. Learn what I did well, what I could have done better, or if I failed to understand anything at all in this first week. I have to admit I do feel good about my submission because the moment I took that photo, my heart smiled. But the point is to learn how to become better… so I’m trying not to hold my breath while I wait for the instructor’s and assistants’ critiques.

Meanwhile, I wanted to have a place to share all of my daily photos throughout this week, plus some more that I didn’t share on Facebook or Instagram. Somewhere to come back to look at where I started and see if I can identify any growth along the way. I couldn’t post all of the photos I took (there’s some secret stuff going on at work), but let me know if you feel anything when you look at these, if there’s a story that’s created in your mind.



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Rachel - You are welcome over any time you want a little human to take photos of! Love the pics of the hot rods. The blue Chevy is my dream car!