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My sweet little Chase (she’s the one that can hear), had an accident late on Tuesday night. I don’t know what caused it, but for some reason that last time she leapt off the deck, she injured herself. Usually she pulls muscles because she’s fast and doesn’t realize she’s getting older, but this time she injured her eye… and I can’t tell ya what did it. But we’re on the mend on now.

Doggin Love No. 15 | Louisville Lifestyle PhotographerBig thanks to my parents who I called at 10:30p in a slight panic – I didn’t know if I should take her to the 24-hour vet or stay home, but either way I needed someone to watch her in case I passed out. (Of late, I’ve had an issue of getting light-headed when it comes to injuries – mine or someone else’s.) My mom thought the vet would be best and they drove us there. And stayed with me until 2:30a when Chase was discharged with two stitches, three new meds and one fancy new cone.

This has been a challenge to say the least. I know that it’s a dog and not a little human, but trying to help this creature has been a test. She hates to be picked up – but had trouble getting around with the cone at first. She acts like nothing is wrong – and I have to clean up a water bowl she knocked over with her new accessory. She wants to cuddle – I get bopped in the face. Her doggin demeanor is happy and she’s learning the cone, but I am just racked with worry that her eye will get infected or she’ll hurt herself even more.

But that’s beside the point. The point is she’s fine and she’s happy. She’s getting the care she needs and learning as she goes. And I have the best parents in the world – they didn’t hesitate to come help, complain about staying with me and even made sure we were all settled in before they left. This post may be called “doggin love” but there’s a lot of “mom & dad love” in my heart too.

Thanks guys – couldn’t have done it without you. xoxo.

For an update on Chase, click here.

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Brooke Murphy Photography - […] Her eye has improved so so much – the swelling has finally gone down and the healing of scabs and goopiness has disappeared. (Thank goodness. I hate goopiness.) The stitches are still a bit bumpy, but I hope that over time her eyelid will smooth out. She’s a beautiful little mutt… even with a gimp eyelid… and I’m just happy that she’s back to being happy. […]