Doggin Love No. 16 | Update on Chase

Doggin Love No. 16 | Update on Chase

I don’t normally write posts about the doggins back to back, but I thought you’d like to know that this little dog is feeling 100% herself again. Even with the cone, her little personality has returned. No more sulking and looking for extra love. Instead she’s in your face, on your heels, running through the yard, barking at the BDD, looking for food to drop, jumping on the bed and still managing to bop the humans in the face with the cone.

Her eye has improved so so much – the swelling has finally gone down and the healing of scabs and goopiness has disappeared. (Thank goodness. I hate goopiness.) The stitches are still a bit bumpy, but I hope that over time her eyelid will smooth out. She’s a beautiful little mutt… even with a gimp eyelid… and I’m just happy that she’s back to being happy.

Our appointment is set for next week to take out the sutures and then the cone comes off – and I’m sure she’ll feel like a free doggin again.

Kim - Glad she’s feeling better! Sending lots of doggy love your way.

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Rachel Corbett - so glad she is feeling better. sending her lots of doggin love!!