Doggin Love No. 21 | SUNSHINE!

The New Year brought sunshine to Louisville! And everyday that the sun was shining while I was at home, I had my camera out.

Truth be told, I’ve been pretty excited about getting back to blogging. And excited about finding the light in our new house. And while I was shooting, I could hear my friend Katie saying “Try a wider frame!,” so I think that’s going to be something I put into practice more.

So a few days back I grabbed my little ladder and stood in the hallway waiting for puppies to come to me. And they did. And I kept my frame wide at 24mm. (OK, so one photo below was at 33mm.) But we had a little sunshine doggin shoot just in time for some more doggin love. ♥


The BDD cracks me up. She honestly only looked at the camera once. Annoying little turd… but I’ll keep her anyway.