Doggin Love No. 1 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

I love my doggins. I talk about them often.  I share too many pictures of them on Instagram.  Thus “doggin love.” :)

It’s no secret that dogs love peanut butter. Heck, it’s no secret that I love peanut butter.  (I may keep a stash at work. In a drawer.  An arm’s-length away.  Possibly.)  Anyway, after a quick vacuum around the house last weekend, I found their Kongs.  I treated them to a little peanut butter.  Just so I could watch them go bananas licking it out.

That sounded mean.  But they are in fact quite cute.  Each dog takes their Kong into a different room, as to not be disturbed, holds it between their paws (or balanced perfectly with one paw tipping it upward) and then proceed to make out with it for 30 minutes.  The BDD takes it one step further.

The peanut butter that the BDD wears on her face, like on her chin where she can’t lick it off, she wipes her muzzle on her leg.  And then licks her leg.

To make sure that no peanut butter is left behind.

Because that would be a travesty.

(Good girl.)

katie - Nothing mean about it. Those dogs would seek out peanut butter if it was on the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. Or at least my dogs would. And the skill with which these pups can hold/balance their kongs is quite impressive. Who needs thumbs?