Doggin Love No. 12 | Instagram Love

These days it seems that I take more photos of my doggins with my phone that I do with my camera.  Mainly because they’re cuter, squishier, easier to photograph with a phone – if I got up to the get the camera, they’d follow me.  And be less cute and squishy.  So since I really don’t have any new photos of my puppies, I thought  a little Instagram mosaic would be fun.

Just a few of my favorites over the past few months…Doggin Love No 12 | Instagrammed

1-It was “bring your dog to work day” so Chase joined me at lunch. She LOVED it! 2-The BDD squeezing herself onto one cushion – my cushion. 3-Some cuddle time with Mike. There’s little out there that’s cuter than guys cuddling with animals. 4-Apparently I ignored the puppies a little too much that week and within 30 seconds of sitting down, I was a doggin sandwich. 5-Chase and I bundled up to watch some TV. 6-Chase being cheeky. 7-I was being closely followed after bringing home a little chicken from the grocery store. She was begging to tear into it. 8-The BBD lays in the middle of the floor, between doorways, so she can feel when people are moving – it’s her alarm system for knowing when it’s dinner time. 9-Mike had been gone all week on business and the BDD decided to use his leg as her pillow.

Diane - Love them, especially the ones of Chase. I am partial, she has such a cute face/look about her