Doggin Love No. 17 | Back to Normal

We celebrated Wednesday – Chase had her stitches removed and her cone of shame tossed in the trash. And I thought she deserved a final update without the burden of her floppy plastic head encasing. :)

Her eye still has a little bump from where it split and had to be stitched back together. And her fur is still coming in around her eye (and her ankle where she had an IV). But she’s happy as a clam and back to her old ways already.

Her favorite things the last couple days includes chewing on a bone, grooming herself, jumping off the deck and being able to see where she’s going, opening doors with her nose and snuggling up super close to give little kisses on my ear. I’m just glad I won’t be bopped in the face with that cone any more.

Doggin Love No. 17 | Update on ChaseDoggin Love No. 17 | Update on Chase

I just LOVE that little doggin face!

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