Doggin Love No. 2 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Oh BDD.  You brought this on yourself, you silly mutt, you.

We’re not sure why, but the BDD had a hankering to itch a scratch to the point that her fur disappeared.  On her tail.  A big bald spot with broken black fur, with pinkish-gray spotted skin showing through and one single sore that she just couldn’t keep from licking.

We doctored it with peroxide.  We doctored it with Neosporin.  But we kept catching her going to town on her tail over and over again, licking it like a Tootsie Roll Pop.  So we took matter into our own hands and shamed the dog so that her tail wouldn’t lose more fur and the sore could get better.  Shamed for sure.  In the form of a cone.

I’m sorry BDD – I know it’s weird, but so are you.  Sadly, this is how it’s going to shake out for a while.  I still love you though.

Susan - Poor BDD. She looks so sad, but its for her own good.