Doggin Love No. 22 | Safe Place

Our dogs have gotten weirder over the past year. We think it’s because we moved to a new house. Chase, who’s been the alpha dog, is getting older… and Chevy, the BDD, is finally starting to challenge her. We’ve had three dog fights in the past six or so months; one was with a neighbor’s dog (I’m not sold on invisible fences) and two have been at home between our own dogs. Both were fights over bones. As of two weeks ago, the dogs no longer have bones.

I don’t fair well with seeing injuries or even hearing people talk about medical stuff — it makes me woozy. So having to deal with blood when I’m not ready for it… I don’t really like it.

But while we’re still figuring this crap out and prevent these stupid altercations, Chase has taken to putting distance between herself and the BDD. And if at all possible, a human too. I’m OK with this. It’s smart of her. But it’s also pretty adorable and I was able to photograph the other day.

Doggin Love No. 22Doggin Love No. 22

You can see her latest injury on her right eye. She’s healed quickly and we’ve been using dog medicine to keep it from getting infected. She looks a bit pathetic here, but I promise she’s better. And still curling up the corner far away from the big, bad wolf.