Doggin Love No. 23 | Shadows

On any given day, the BDD is following me around. I refer to her as my helper because she’s always got her nose in what I’m doing. I’m cleaning the bathtub, she’s standing next to me with her head in it. I’m making the bed, she’s watching and waiting to see when she can jump on it. I’m cooking, her face is squeezed between my waist and the counter. I’m folding laundry, her big old head is rooting through the basket of clean, warm clothes.

But every now and then the BDD naps all day. And so Chase becomes my shadow.

Our guest room in our house is kind of a catch-all right now; I have boxes of things to give to Goodwill in there, Mike has some car parts he’s ordered laying on the floor… just a random place to stick stuff, but not forever. So while I was adding a few things to the Goodwill box, Chase trotted in and bounced on the bed. She considers this her bed… she just doesn’t know that I know this. But occasionally she’ll sneak off and when I call her name, I hear her dismount the bed and walk into the other room. The pillows are squashed. They’ll need to be washed before we have guests. There are remnants of dog fur where there shouldn’t be dog fur. So… yeah…

But I wanted a dose of doggin love for Friday. She’s still cute, even if she’s super sneaky.