Doggin Love No. 24 | YouTube

We do some strange things with our dogs. The BDD will happily put her head in a pillowcase to play – I call it “playing Helen Keller.” Chase is notorious for asking us to sneak our hands under the bed covers to bite it. The big one likes red laser lights. The little one has a love/hate relationship with butt rubs. We make them work for cookies… even if [the BDD] only knows one trick. But one of my favorite things we do is play YouTube videos with the dogs.

It really only works with Chase, the little one that can hear. And we almost always search for puppy videos. Because we she hears their little voices crying out, her head is cocked to attention. It is hilarious to watch her ears twitch and her head turn left, then right, then left again. And sometimes she’ll even watch the videos (but that doesn’t happen often). Except that one time…


She did not even care that I was there. Or that I was taking a picture. She just perched herself in Mike’s lap at the computer. She’s really too big for it, but for puppy YouTube videos he can be convinced otherwise. Now if only I had the sound to go with it. ;)