Doggin Love No. 25 | Two Are Better Than One

I post photos of my dogs regularly on Instagram because I think they do funny stuff that warrants a share and lately they’ve done this thing where they lay in both dog beds. Usually when I’m sweeping/vacuuming, I stack the beds in the main room and it never fails – a dog takes advantage of the double fluff. (And it’s usually the big deaf dog.)

But Chevy took it to a whole new level this week.

Our dogs aren’t the best at sharing… they’re toys and bones have been revoked recently because of “arguments” that have broken out. But the BDD snagged both beds when they weren’t stacked last weekend.


It could have been that she took advantage of the placement. It could have been that she just wanted a pillow to prop up on. Or it could have been that she wanted to keep Chase from having a doggy bed to lounge in at that moment. That wouldn’t surprise me at all.


We make up all kinds of nicknames for the dogs and we often call Chevy a honey badger… because she don’t give a shit. And takes whatever she wants.


The nickname fits, no? Haha!