Doggin Love No. 28 | Girls Weekend

This past weekend it was just me and the dogs. Mike was away for work (in Key Largo – don’t feel too sorry for him), so we spent the majority of Saturday in bed. We watched true crime shows, read a little bit, I had recorded Baby Boom the week before so that happened (movies of the 80s, anyone?), took a nap… or two… maybe three.

It was a really nice – and super lazy – day.

But I also happened to keep my camera close.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of what I shoot and wait for the scene that makes me want to pick up the camera. Therefore the camera must be close. And while these are just some pictures of me lounging with the doggins in a severely messy bed, it makes me smile. All of their little fuzzies just make me happy. And that’s all that really matters.