Doggin Love No. 30 | BDD Kisses

Disclaimer: I’m not a person who lets their dog lick their face. I think it’s gross… because I know what they eat, what they throw up, what other things they lick… so it’s a no-go for me.

There have been a few times when Chevy has surprised me. And those are gross.

But the reason why she can sneak in a lick is because everyday she gets as close as she can my face. The BDD will put her furry face in my hair, smell my ear, or if I’m on the same level she is, she will lean in super close and just sniff. And sniff and sniff and sniff.

95% of the time there is no tongue. (Thank goodness.) Being the weird person that I am, I actually find this to be quite an adorable quirk of her’s.

When I had my camera setup to take my self-portrait a week or so ago, she joined me on the bed. After I got her to face me, she just leaned in as close as she could… and… sniffed.

No kisses were exchanged in this scene. Dog breath was not shared. But I walked away with a new favorite photo of me and my BDD. ♥

Rachel - Roxy does the same to Brian. She has sniffed his eyeball intently before! Funny stuff.