Doggin Love No. 4 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

All last week I spent my evenings planning for a baby shower I was hosting the upcoming Saturday.  I had an ongoing list of things to do and shop for, with cleaning the house as my number one priority.

I must confess I’m not the best housekeeper.  Our home definitely isn’t like an episode of Hoarders, but me and Mike are both busy all the time and we happen to spend our free time doing something other than mopping.

On Monday, Memorial Day, I started at it.  I dusted, cleaned windows, swept and ran the vacuum.  It was looking good.  But come Wednesday, it was a disaster again.  I love my doggins with all my heart, but their ability to shed like mountain sheep drives me insane!!!  The one rug we have in the house was caked in white dog fur just after two days.  Boo.

So I took matters into my own hands on Thursday.  I planned to sweep, vacuum the findings and mop, and I had to be proactive to have the results last a two more days.  Chase (the one that can hear) is the main culprit when it comes to floaty, fluffy dog hair in the house.  So I Furminated her in the backyard.

I couldn’t believe how much fur came off of her.  (That white and gray stuff next to her?  Fur.)  So I did what any normal human being would do and got the camera and had my sweet, innocent puppy pose next to her big wads of super soft bunny fur.  She looked to serious so I threw out the magic word (which is “grandpa” if you’re wondering) and got this reaction:

Haha!  Smiling doggin!

After the major brushing, the shedding did die down some.  But what’s worse is once Mike came home and as I was telling him the Furminator story, I showed him (on the dog) where most of the fur was coming from.  And with just a soft little tug, more came out.  It’s complete nonsense that this 25 pound mutt can shed like she does and we aren’t cashing in on it in some way.  (Note to self…)

And yes, the house was very clean come Saturday and the baby shower was a great time, but I’m hoping to write another post for it…. because I gave myself several pats on the back throughout the day. :)