Doggin Love No. 5 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Every dog likes their fair share of playing.  Some like fetch, others squeaky toys.  Some stick with bones and chews, while others are a little tender and like only stuffed toys.

The BDD likes them all.  All of them, I say.

So much so, we don’t give her toys too often.  She tears them up and ends up trying to digest them.  “Try” being the key word.

So she has one ball that she hasn’t been able to destroy.  But we don’t give her the chance.  And a few frisbees.  But we don’t leave those unattended either.  And then a rope.  You see the pattern, right?

(Side note: Chase does have her own fluffy, squishy and squeaky toys.  Chevy does not get them.  Because she’s destroys them with an unexplained vengeance.)

Ahem.  But we brought out the rope the other night and she was down for some good old tug-of-war.  She’s rough ’em, tough ’em that I couldn’t play with her.  Mike had to step in.
Doggin Love No 5 | Louisville Lifestyle PhotographerDoggin Love No. 5 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Crazy eyes.  Mega teeth.  BDD means business.

The BDD loves it.  So much that she never wants to stop.  But look at that doggin smile.  That’s doggin love.  Hard core doggin love.  Haha!

Doggin Love No. 5 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

katie - Love how ferocious she looks when playing with her rope and how innocent and sweet she looks at the end. A true dog!