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I feel like my doggin love has been tested lately.  Between ruined couch cushions, clunky dog crates, broken toenails (mine, not theirs) and being pestered every 5 minutes to let them outside, I’d say I’m definitely being tested.  The past couple weeks I’ve returned the BDD to her crate during the day  (she apparently cannot be trusted with a couch – she either rips the fabric or makes out with it), so Chase is left at her disposal to do what she wants.  I give her toys, but I think she just sleeps.  When I come home though, she’s excited (of course) and doesn’t stop barking.  She sooooo badly wants to get Chevy out of her crate so she chew into her neck and then ignore her for the next six hours.  But the barking – ear-piercing, nonstop and shushing her doesn’t help.

I think Chase has caught on because this bark has also appeared at moments when she asks to go outside, be fed, to toss the frisbee and give her a cookie.  She has turned into a bossy doggin.  Maybe it’s age (she is eight years old after all) or maybe it’s privilege (it isn’t easy being the smart dog).  But I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Last week I thought we’d learn a new trick, a balancing trick.  Chase thought otherwise.  And after only a few minutes of tolerating my “stays” and correction, she’d had enough.  She wanted the cookie that was in my pocket.  She pulled out that bark (I swear the entire neighborhood could hear it) and I immediately shushed her and reminded her that people don’t like barking dogs.  Never mind the lady with the treat, she took matters into her own paws and demanded the cookie and threw in a trick for good measure.

She used to rollover every time she wanted something. Now she turns around.  In a circle. So she never has to take her eye off you.

So I got some photos of my bossy doggin doing a pirouette.

So bossy.  But still cute.

Caili - This is hilarious. I love this post so much!

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