Doggin Love No. 7 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

My family has owned dogs almost my whole life.  We had  a little shitzu for a short while, but with allergy problems and high vet bills, she didn’t stay a part of our family for very long.  Then when I was in grade school, we picked up a little red miniature dachshund.  I named her Crissy.  And she became a momma doggin two times over… doxie pups are the cutest too.  We kept Heidi, the prettiest pup, from the second litter.  My parents kept these dachshunds until they passed away.  I loved these dogs and how happy they made me.  But there were two things I never did with them that I wanted to do with a dog:

1. Teach it how to roll over.  Which I accomplished this within the first few months of owning Chase.  She didn’t know how to sit, but she could rollover.
2. Snuggle in bed and wake up with a cute, furry face next to mine.  This also came true.  Unfortunately.

I think they’re both childhood fantasies of owning a dog.  And while I do love to get my snuggles on with a doggin, I hate the fur they leave behind.  I’ve taken the lead of one of my cousins and leave a sheet on top the bed so that it’s easier to take care of the top quilt.  (And it tears up less from dog nails with this sheet too.)  If I could do it all over again, I’d probably never let a dog in my bed, even if it is on top the covers.  Or the couch for that matter.

But… I’ll also admit… I get tickled seeing how the dogs lounge in the bed.

Like how the BDD stretches out the length of our king-size bed in the mornings, and toe-to-toe is end-to-end with the bed.  How Chase curls up on Mike’s pillow at night so she can keep an eye on us until we join her.  She also likes to bite your hand when it’s under the covers, her second favorite game.  And that Chevy – I never thought a deaf dog would want to be alone as much as she does, but she takes frequent cat-naps by herself right smack in the middle of the bed in the middle of the day.  And then I take pictures of her.  Talk about doggin love.

Doggin Love No. 7 | Louisville Lifestyle Photographer

Rachel - My doggins have at least learned to not get on the couch or bed unless I say so…that is, while I am around. As soon as we leave for work, they are up on the bed. The evidence is all there – frumpled sheets, dog hair and slober everywhere! They think they are so clever!