Friday Night Change-Up | Foxhollow Farm Sunset Concert Series

Mike and I have had standing Friday night plans for years now. I can’t remember when it started… maybe 2009?… but almost every Friday night we have dinner with our friends Alan and Martha, and their two tatertots, Calvin and Felix. Every now and then we change it up though. Like last July we went to the Oldham County Fair instead, with about five families total – it was a lot of littles, but SO MUCH FUN! I really hope we’re able to get a group together again this year! But this past Friday we drove about four miles down the road to Foxhollow Farm, a local grassfed beef farm, because they host a summertime concert series.

We didn’t know what to expect. I thought there’d be loads more people because I had seen the long line of cars waiting to pull onto the farm’s drive last year. But it wasn’t very crowded – enough space for the six of us to spread out. And we’d never been to the farm before, but now we know where the venue is we can be better prepared for our next visit. Like shade… definitely bringing our own shade. But it was cute – a small stage for Brigid Kaelin and her band where they sang oldies and originals, kids running around everywhere laughing and smiling, hay bales lined up for kids to jump… it was simple, but everyone around us seemed to be having a good time.


Except for this one kid. He was maybe four or five years old and didn’t pay attention to anything he did. He walked on top of people, fell out his chair, tripped into folks… it was a sight I’d never seen before. But when he stood next to me, I thought he was going to run across our blanket again… but no… he inched closer… and set his hand on my knee. Never before in my life have I had to say, “I’m not your mom, kid.” His face was hilarious though!


We always have a great time with our friends – and I admit over and over again to Martha that I love being able to spend time with their boys like we do. We’ve been watching them grow, seeing their little personalities blossom one week at a time. We get to hear the new stories about things they’ve learned, like Calvin grabbing your face to ask for something – that’s a new thing. (And super funny.)


The Foxhollow Farm concerts happen once a month over the summer and I think we’ll likely be going back again. Like I said, we’ll be more prepared for sure. I’ll definitely take my Nalgene bottle again to fill up with water (for free) and probably eat dinner before going because while the local food trucks are awesome to visit and taste, I don’t see myself hyped up over a $14 hotdog. Maybe grab some tacos to share, or visit Mark’s Feed Store again. Oh, but definitely hyped about Comfy Cow! And craft beer? Yes, I’ll have another – Cincinnati’s Rhinegeist was the only beer available but it’s pretty tasty. (Although Mike got his fill of craft beer, filling the quota for the month.)

It was a fun evening… and I wanted to proof I was there, so I did what any normal person would do and took a bathroom selfie…


No shame in this photographer’s game. ;)