Haley+Art {married} | Louisville Wedding Photographer

When I heard the story of how Haley and Art met and their proposal, I thought to myself, “That is so Haley.”  No nonsense, cut to the chase, but completely heartfelt.  “I love you” – “I love you too.”  “You know I want to marry you” – “I want to have a family with you.”  Baddaboom, baddabing – four days later they found the perfect ring and started planning their lives together.

That is so Haley.

They come from different backgrounds – she from Kentucky, he grew up in Japan – but they met in Orlando and are the perfect match for one another.  “Support” defines them.  I may have only spent the morning getting to know Art, but his presence around Haley is loving and constant.  The way he looked at her had deeper feeling.  They were both completely in the moment, together – a great relationship turning into a great marriage.

On Derby morning, I marched down to my alma mater, the University of Louisville, the place Haley and I first met years ago, to photograph their small ceremony in front of Grawmeyer Hall.  With The Thinker – the first bronze casting of the sculpture that Rodin created sits right in front.  And with family and friends present, every person blessed their wedding rings, Haley and Art made promises to one another, and it was sealed with a hidden kiss.

Haley’s gorgeous brooch bouquet.  It took quite some time for her to gather the pieces, but it turned out so beautifully.  A wonderful keepsake from their wedding day.

Their plan was to celebrate with family and friends at the Kentucky Derby.  Haley’s cousins surprised them with tickets to a suite at Churchill Downs and some money to gamble with.  (I hope they put it on Orb!)  And her parents also gifted her a Sigma Kappa ring she had previously lost.  Her look of surprise is priceless.

The hidden kiss.  Derby hats are more useful than you thought. :)

Such a gorgeous couple.  Their smiling eyes say it all.

I was so honored to be a part of Haley and Art’s day.  Congratulations to you both – I can’t wait to hear all about your Ireland honeymoon and all the stories of your future together! xoxo

amyhasbangs - This is perfection.

katie - That’s the kind of wedding I’m talking about. And the bright colors simply made that gloomy day a whole lot less gloomy.
Great shots, B! Congrats to the couple.

Susan - What a fantastic, fun, unique wedding! I’m pinning that brooch bouquet idea, that’s fantastic!

Melanie - Love!