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I remember when Amelia was born.

A little more than two years ago, we heard that mom and  baby were doing just fine.  And my husband was itching to drive to the hospital to wish his friend well on the arrival of his new baby girl.

Two years… it goes by in the blink of an eye.

Still quite the squirt, Amelia’s a bit quiet (around me at least) but full of so much energy!  Her small legs run like the wind and she wears a smile when she has her way.  Mandy tells me that she’s learning constantly and shows excitement with her new accomplishments.  And she loves to dance – with her pink dress on, we definitely did some twirling.  I asked Mandy how she’d describe two-year-old Amelia and she told me “sweet and spunky.”  I think of Amelia in a different way…

I see the parts of her.  Her father’s eyes.  Her mother’s smile.  Those cheeks… I can’t decide who they came from.  Soft, brown curls that frame a face that reminds me of my friends – I think Amelia got the best parts of both of them.

My favorites.  The black and whites of Amelia had a completely different feel to them.  The light and shadows sent me somewhere else and I fell in love with them.

After a few converted images, I started trying them all in black and white. ;)

Amelia was so serious… but a little swinging always brings out a smile.  Such a sweetheart.

Those curls. Those cheeks. Her lips. Gah.

Two-year-old Amelia is sweet and patient (as patient as a toddler can be) and really was joy to photograph.  She may have not smiled often… and ignored me on purpose… but she has the energy to keep me on my toes and has an eagerness about her.  I can’t wait to see how the next year unfolds for Josh, Mandy and Amelia!

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