I’m Feeling 32

Time is an amazing thing – sometimes it seems to just drag by and others it’s gone in an instant.  That’s how birthdays are for me now.

Whoosh!  Add another candle to the cake.

While I thought year 30 would be great, it actually turned out to be a year of change.  And I was ready for more big change this past year, but it actually was a year of learning.  Learning how to let things go, not holding onto stress and anxiety that shouldn’t exist to begin with, taking steps forward only to take some back again, pushing myself harder but realizing it’s not always worth it…

I learned a lot.  I’m definitely getting more wise with age.  Notice I didn’t say smarter. ;)

So while I’m still sorting out feelings and all my emotional-what-not, I feel more confident moving forward.  I still have my anti-wrinkle cream within reach (as any gal over 28 should).  And my pants have gotten a little looser as I may have shed a few pounds from my last birthday to this one.  But moving forward is the goal.

I’ll deal with change as it comes.  Make waves with the things that are important to me.  Focus on the inside rather than worry what’s on the outside.  Surround myself with the people I love.  Take advantage of every opportunity to hug someone.  Try my best at whatever I’m doing.  Be in the moment.  And seriously, we’ve got to come up with a zero calorie chocolate chip cookie, people.  For reals.

It’s a bigger number, but I think it’s worth it.  Time to let yourself shine, year 32.

Birthday Self-Portrait 2014 | Brooke Murphy Photography

Wendi @ Bon Appetit Hon - HBD lady. Hope this is a marvelous year for you.

katie - Happy birthday friend. Let your 32 shine!
ps. so not fair! :)

Kim - Happy Birthday my dear! My your year be everything you hoped for. Love the puppy cuddle shots. :)

Susan - Happy, happy, happy birthday! So happy to see your beautiful face today – we’ll need to get together soon! <3

Christy Tyler - Birthday & cute puppies!!!! Yes!!! Have a fabulous day!

Melanie - Love these birthday pics beautiful lady! Here’s to spending more time together during year 32, luz you!