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First: Breathe.

It’s taken me quite a while to get myself in gear and actually work through the details, but I’ve wanted to do this project for some time now.  Part of me is worried about time constraints.  Another part is concerned about being embarrassed that no one would care to participate.  And then there’s always the old faithful fear of failure.  It’s amazing how you can build yourself up and in an instant, tear yourself down.

But it’s high time to quit daydreaming and at least try.

More than a few years back, I started following a Seattle-based photographer whose work was, and has become even more, gorgeous.  She has always seemed to capture a story with her photos – something I’ve always strived for but feel like I miss more often than I’d like.  But she wanted to tell inspirational stories as well and started a project that I fell in love with.  One that seemed to benefit everyone involved, that could open her heart to something bigger, learn more about the journey and become more closer to her art as she does with people.

Time to quit daydreaming.  Time to try.  Just breathe.

So this project – it’s a project for inspiration.  For you, for me, for my followers, for the people who haven’t found me yet.  It’s for anyone that cares to read, share, find comfort in the community around us.  But the heart of this project beats around the people who inspire you.

A family that’s had trouble conceiving and just learned that they’re expecting.

Or a child that has just joined his forever home.

A wife that’s lost her husband but continues to share his message with their children.

A person  that has invested everything they have to start a non-profit that they believe in.

A kid that’s overcoming leukemia but hasn’t let it damper his spirits.

A soldier returning home to his family. And maybe even to a baby he’s never met.

A woman who’s turning 95 and is ready to celebrate her milestone birthday.

A man who proved his doctors wrong and beat the odds.

A couple that is finally brought together after years of being apart.

A kid that’s following her dreams of becoming the next big thing.

A family that’s hasn’t lost faith and is rebuilding after facing a natural disaster.

A volunteer in your organization that gives more of themselves every day.

You may know them, a friend of a friend may know them, you might work or go to church with them, they might be a neighbor.  Someone who’s touched your heart with their story, their actions, their patience, their character… someone who needs to be admired and celebrated… let’s tell that story and encourage others around us.


This is a project of sharing inspiration so I’m looking for people to be nominated for a *free lifestyle session*, absolutely no cost to anyone.  It’s about honoring this person and their achievements.  I want you to tell me their story, what it is that you admire about this person – and then I want to meet them, talk with them and plan out their photo session.  There really aren’t any rules, anything goes, and please don’t think that the person you have in mind isn’t good enough.  I hope to share one story each quarter this year – four stories of four amazing, deserving people.

If you know someone who you believe would like to tell their story and share a part of themselves with this blog, please nominate them.  I hope to share our first inspirational story in March.

For the sake of some structure, here are a few instructions to get us started:
1. The intended person must be nominated – and keep it a secret, don’t tell them about it.
2. Send me their story and why they inspire you – limit to one page, attached document please.
3. Include your contact information as well as the nominee’s – email and phone.
4. Nominations for 1st quarter will be accepted through the end of January – all nomination periods will be announced.
5. Please send this information by email to – subject line: Inspiration Nominee.

Last breath.

I’m very excited to read about the people who inspire you.  And I’m really excited to bring this to life.  No more hesitation – let’s bring on the positive vibes and reward those that remind us that there’s a bigger meaning to everything around us.

To read the stories from these Inspiration Sessions, click on the links below.
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Susan - You have talked about something similar to this for so long, and I am SO HAPPY you’re doing this. What an amazing project, Brooke.

Amanda - What a positive way to start off the New Year!

Shelly B - Brooke, I think this sounds like a wonderful project. Im looking forward to reading the stories and most of all seeing them through photographs.

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