Kelly Moore’s Luna Camera Bag

I found it. I finally found a camera bag that is exactly what I want for everyday use. It isn’t too big, it isn’t too small… it’s just right. And her name is Luna.

I took matters into my own hands earlier this year and decided to make my own camera purse, but realized that the purse wasn’t made to carry such heavy objects. But I really wanted an everyday camera bag, one that did not look like a camera bag and was easy to walk to and from the office building without being harassed. And this camera purse fit the bill in more ways than one.

Luna camera bag

I had my eye on this Kelly Moore camera bag for a few weeks and when I finally decided she was it, they were out of stock. Big time out of stock. And I waited… and waited… for about four months until the color I wanted was available and I pounced on it! The tri-colored bone/walnut/black goes with everything I own (and with having a black back, I don’t have to worry about my denim rubbing color onto the bag).

I was still nervous about the size (even after watching videos multiple times), but the size was just right — big enough to hold my Mark iii fitted with a prime lens and still be able to fit my wallet and keys. With extra pockets in and out, I can slide in random things and my phone sits comfortably in the front pocket. The strap has a shoulder pad that isn’t bulky and ugly. Cross-body bags are my go-go, so no surprise I wanted one for my camera too.

Luna camera bag

Like most of Kelly Moore’s bags these days, it has a removable basket, which is actually a nice feature — if I wanted to use the purse and not carry my camera I totally could. (Like that’s going to happen though.) The fit is tight when I have my 35mm on the camera… and is the lens I use about 90% of the time. But it works. And it makes me happy to know that my camera is protected in the bag and unassuming from the outside. I think it would be good to travel with as it’s more comfortable and easy to get into than my other options.

Luna camera bag

This is my third Kelly Moore bag. I bought one years ago that was sadly stolen in Atlanta. (I’m still bitter about it.) And then I had a large messenger bag that I barely used but now it’s making its way around Baltimore on a daily basis. And now Luna, who is going to stick with me for a while. They’re good quality, built to handle the weight of camera equipment… but they do wear out like any bag would and the bags themselves tend to be on the heavy side. But they protect your gear and they look great. And I’m all about a good-looking camera purse.