Last Minute Head Shots | Louisville Portrait Photographer

As most of you know, photography is not my full-time gig.  I’ve worked in marketing the last six or so years and love the creative atmosphere, although I’ve never been a part of the creative team.  I’m actually good with numbers and currently work as a marketing analyst at a digital ad agency in Louisville. (SEO what?!?)   But that’s just the set up, not the story.

A week ago, I was copied on an email (with a handful of people) that stated we would be having photos taken the next day for a quick turn around on a RFP (nothing new), so come prepared to work.  I woke up the next day and actually did my hair, put on my makeup and planned an outfit so I’d be purty.  I had a project planned after work, so I packed up my camera and then headed out the door.  When I finally got to work, I saw a second email that was delivered after I left the office.  An email asking if I’d be able to help out.

(Say what?! They know I’m the analyzer, right?)

I met with the creative chief to learn at what extent he’d like me to help (photograph my co-workers), what his vision was (straight-on mug shots with strobes – gah) and his expectations (“really anything, I trust you”).  (He said he trusted me – he trusts the girl who has done nothing but analytic work for them.  Am I dreaming this?)  We have a really cool office space, but not a great place to work inside as lighting is a challenge.  And I had no flash.  (That shouldn’t surprise anyone.)  So I snagged an intern and took a field trip around the outside of the building.  We found a spot with great light, I stole furniture and a step-stool, and started rallying the troops.

It felt weird.  To put aside my Excel spreadsheets and walk outside to nice weather with co-workers and tell them where to stand, how to angle their bodies, try to make them laugh and then look at them through my viewfinder.  What was even more weird was pulling their familiar faces up on my Mac and staring at their eyes.  Totally weird.  But so much fun!

I did my best for an unexpected morning, but that background just bugs me now.  And I did as I was asked and I took straight-on portraits.  But me being me, and knowing that no one looks gorgeous in a flat photo, I took matters into my own hands a took a few extra frames of each person.  Just in case.   I just want to change that background now.  Am I allowed to take a Mulligan?

I have to say that I work with some very intelligent people. They each provide talent, skill and character that is encouraging and excites me.  But I gotta say, they happen to be a good-looking bunch too. :)

Annie - Love this!! I was just asked to ‘put in a bid’ to do headshots for a local non-profit business by their marketing director! I was like *gulp* ok, a bid? ~Photo is also not my full-time gig, it’s super part-time~ Ummmm I had no idea what to ask as far as pricing for headshots, let alone do I have much experience doing them (which was only one other time-black & white images, pretty simple). So, I thought about it after having a few questions answered by her, and threw out a number. I’ll see if I get it. I hope if I get it, that mine look at least half as good as yours turned out! Thanks for this blog today!!! :)