The Latest & Greatest | How 2019 is Going

The plan for this year was to take a break from the blog – and it’s been radio silence for almost six months now. Sometimes I miss it… other times I’m grateful to not feel guilty about ignoring it, but I have been thinking more about what I miss exactly.

I share a lot of my photography on Instagram and in the 2019P52 Flickr Group, so sharing images isn’t really it. But I think it has more to do with the fact that this is my little space of the internet, where I can post what I like, talk about things that bring me joy, and showcase my images in a way that I can control. Taking time off has given me some food for thought about where I’d like to take my blog – and I’m still not sure how but I’m getting there.

I hope to post more often the second half of the year… no pressure though. I have some photos and stories I’d like to share and my blog makes the most sense for that. Like all the amazing photos we took in Hawaii! But for now, let me tell you a bit about my year so far…

The new Project 52 is going great! We have four hosts (including myself) and it has been so great to tackle themes I never would have thought of. And the group itself is full of wonderful people who are encouraging and friendly. It’s everything it’s supposed to be!

I still have both Instagram accounts, my newest one being SkinnyJeansAndProteins. I jumped in the deep end last fall, going low-carb/almost keto and lost a ton of weight that needed to go. Some has come back on since February and I know it’s stress related (I love my job but man, am I stretched). I’ve recently reintroduced carbs into my diet the last few weeks and still plan/track what I eat as countability. Meal-prep is my friend and I do it almost every week. I’m happy to say that my jeans aren’t screaming at me and my taste buds have never been happier.

Speaking of being happy, I love where Mike and I are in our relationship. We talk constantly about what we want for ourselves, our careers, where we want to travel, about the world and politics, and have brainstormed a few times looking for what he calls “widgets.” It’s fun, he’s fun, and I love us. And our zoo – we’re going strong with Chevy, Chase, and Cornflake. Chase has started losing her hearing though and two deaf dogs is trying. That’s for damn sure.

I feel like not much has really happened though, event-wise. We went to a lot of Louisville basketball games, I had an uneventful birthday, The Getting Lit(erary) book club is killing it (and I’m personally 29 books in for the year already), we tried St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago, and Derby Week was as great a time as expected. A lot of normal though… lots of it. Which is A-OK in my book. ;)