Me & The BDD | Self-Portraits Gone Wrong

A couple of weeks ago I did a week of black and white photos (#bwphotoweek) and decided to work in some self-portraits. This is the one I chose for that week-long photo challenge:


But I had tried to include the deaf dog in some photos with me as well… and it really didn’t go to plan.

First, I got this self-portrait and I think it’s a keeper, but I didn’t like it for the black and white challenge – I liked it a thousand times better in color.


Ignore the frizzy hair and sideways smile – it’s perfectly focused! Which means I’m getting better at this whole taking pictures of myself by myself thing.

But after a couple more frames, the BDD jumped on the bed with me. In my head I was picturing this lovely little snuggle session… but it didn’t start that way… it started with her rear-end.


In case you didn’t understand me completely…


This dog, I swear she has a way of knowing what I’m going to hate. And then she does it. When she used to sleep in the bed with us, she’d lay perpendicular to the humans thus taking up as much space in between us, pushing us to the edge. (Well, more so Mike than me because I push back.) She also used to lay the length of my body, from my shoulder to my toes, heating up every inch she could touch. She snores – loudly. And her first “snuggle” position is always butt first – she just sticks her tail-end right by my face.

As a matter of fact, Chevy, I don’t want to smell your butt. That’s not what humans do. After nine years I’d think you would have caught on by now.

But I got her to flip around eventually. And took a few more shots of us together. In a lovely little snuggle session…


And while the framing could be better with the BDD and I really don’t like how her leg covers up her face like it does, I still have some snuggle photos with my big deaf dog. I know a little more for next time… and you better believe if she pulls this number again, I will be photographing the proof a second time!