Meeting Baby Dalton

So my long-time bestie had her second baby a few weeks back. And as bummed as I was about not getting to visit her and this new little man at the hospital, who they named Dalton, I did get to have some serious face time with him three days later.

Three day old babies are the best. They’re squishy and soft. They fall in and out of sleep. The simplest of body functions receives recognition… a big yawn, a burp, opening his eyes…

It’s the best.


And big brothers – pretty much the best. They provide the most wonderful comedic relief. And bring about a series of “awwws” when he snuggles in close. You can already picture them being friends and playing together in a year or so… getting into trouble… sticking up for each other… watch out for those Bailey Boys. This cutie… it was like yesterday when he just came into the world.


Seeing your friend be in her mommy moment with this brand new little person? Also the best.

Because you know her story. You saw her live her past. And you get so excited for her future.


I love this family with all my heart. And I love seeing the joy that these little munchkins bring them.

There’s no reason to look back when you have so much to look forward to.