Mentionable Finds: Derby Edition

The Kentucky Derby is right around the corner.  Tomorrow the Kentucky Derby Festival kicks off with Thunder of Louisville and then it’s two weeks of celebrating what this great city has to offer the world.  (I can already smell the funnel cakes and ribbon fries.)  That also means that the ladies of Louisville that are attending either the Oaks or Derby only have two weeks to complete the perfect outfit, which is no small feat.

I myself have never been to a “proper” Derby – a seat to sit in, dressed to the nines, “the hat” and placing bets at an indoor window.  I have been to Derby –  visited the infield when I was 17.  I was unimpressed and have since attended parties because it’s not about where you are, but instead who you’re with.  (We still bet, we still scream at horses through the TV, we just like each other enough to do it year in and year out.)  So without having been outside of the track, I have never really thought about what to wear, where to shop, how to bring it all together for the fastest two minutes in sports.  But I have some online shops that I check out often and they recently made me *think* of Derby.

That, and I wanted to pretend to know what I was talking about. :)

For the dress: Shabby Apple
I’ve been a fan of Shabby Apple for a few years and swoon over their dresses. I love that they offer several different styles, help you find the style that works for your body type, have so many great colors to choose from and fall on the  modest side.  Which, let’s be honest here, we need all the modesty we can get these days.

For the jewelry: Francesca’s
They have quite the selection of bib/drop necklaces – colors and shapes and beads and almost anything you can think of.  And the majority of them are under $30.  Say what?!

For other accessories: Simply Audrey and Nectar Clothing
Need an accessory to pull it all together, look at these two online shops.  Girly belts, cute scarves, pastel clutches and sunglasses – lots of sunglasses!
And it won’t break the bank.

For the shoes: DSW
I have followed my stylist’s advice (I call her AmyHasBangs) and shop at DSW for shoes now.  And I’ve become a big fan.  I can never find a pair of shoes I love on the sale rack (I blame my universal size of 7.5), but they have great quality shoes and the staff is very helpful.
Bonus: If you’re in the Louisville area, there’s always the Zappo’s Outlet too.

For the hat: ModCloth
The hat is what brings is all together for the Kentucky Derby.  Some ladies go all out, others keep it simple.  For those that favor the simpler things in life, this may be a sweet find for you (and me).  I venture onto ModCloth about every other week just to look and get inspiration from their clothing collection.  But I was surprised to see they also have fun, reasonably priced hats for women.  And even a few accessorized headbands.  No need to drop $100 on a hat that only matches one dress in your closet.

While I may not have plans to attend Derby, it doesn’t mean that I don’t get excited to see what people are wearing.  I’m the girl that flips through pictures slides online to see what celebrities wore to the track, how the local ladies jazzed up for the big day.  And just last week I couldn’t help myself as I walked through Macy’s – I had to try on a half-dozen hats they already have displayed.  It’s part of the Derby recipe that keeps the tradition alive.  And I love the tradition that draws thousands of strangers to my hometown to be together for only one day.  Best local holiday ever!

katie - Francesca’s is so my go to shop. i’m wearing a cardigan from there right now. Love love love that place. Any store that color coordinates their merchandise is okay by me.