Mentionable Finds: WordPress Plugins

I’ve been blogging for a few years now and one thing I’ve come to appreciate is the plugin.  Not all are created equal and there are quite a few that don’t do much more than take up space, but the few that I’ve come to love and, over the years, depended on them regularly or not-so-regularly.  And, surprisingly, they’re all free.  So I thought I’d share them with you today.

WordPress Database Backup

Makes backing up website/blog super easy.  So easy in fact that you don’t have to think about it because you can set up the plugin to schedule your backup and email it to you.  I haven’t had to utilize a backup before, but I know a couple of years ago when changing things over on my old blog it kind of went kaput, knowing there was a backup made me breathe easier.  But there’s no worry of trying to find your last backup on your cPanel – because it’s in your inbox.  Boom.

(And in that mentioned instance, my fab friend Susan had fixed it within 15 minutes.  I melted into a puddle of stress when it went down while she remained calm.  And homey got it back up in running lickety split.)


When WordPress switched over to Jetpack, I wasn’t a fan.  And I’m not completely sold on everything it offers.  But it’s handy to have for the stats alone.

I generally utilize Google Analytics for traffic results, but not everyone is comfortable with it.  The main reason I keep the stats is because of familiarity – I was so used to seeing real-time pageviews on my first blog this way I’ve stuck with it ever since.  Is it the best?  Probably not.  But it’s easy to review, has better real-time reporting than expected and who doesn’t like to watch the stat ticker go up on a fantastic blog day?!?

Editorial Calendar

This is a newer plugin to me but I absolutely love it!  Being able to see my scheduled blog posts in a calendar format instead of a list really does allow me to monitor when things are hitting the blog.  I don’t schedule too many posts as I blog about photography sessions as I wrap them up, but for other posts (like maybe this one), it’s nice to know in one glance which days are scheduled with posts.  I could see this being really helpful for those who have a weekly series.

All In One SEO Pack

I don’t know a lot about SEO, but what I do know, I implement.  I’ve learned so much about organic search marketing in the last year just at my day job, so taking that knowledge and trying to overlay it on my side business is very insightful when speaking to it within our teams.  And this plugin has made it so much easier to implement SEO on my site than if I were to just do it on my own.  I have a co-worker that swears by Yoast for SEO support on WordPress, but I had trouble installing it… so I’ve stayed with the tried and true All In One.


I stumbled upon this gem late last year when I was doing research for starting my newsletter.  It was still in Beta but was a heckuva plugin to find.  It allows you to create emails/newsletters and send batches of emails.  I’ve actually since moved on to MailChimp… mostly because my subscriptions were growing and SendPress took a bit too much room on my server space… but I do love it and watch as they update and expand.  Because it’s an awesome idea!!

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