My Five Fave: Fashion Bloggers

I’m not a fashion forward person. I talked about that in a five fave post earlier this year, but I do like to read look at fashion blogs. I follow several fashion bloggers to get ideas for pairing pieces that may already be in closet, finding new pieces to try on I wouldn’t have considered before, learning the kinds of shoes that go with outfits… they’re like field guides for yours truly. I don’t read all my subscriptions every week, but a handful of them are my faves – and so are their Instagrams!

five fave fashion bloggers

1. Franish  2. Gal Meets Glam  3. Kendi Everyday  4. Putting Me Together  5. Modcloth

In no particular order, these are my favorite fashion blogs to read. Not only because of the style these ladies pull together, BUT THE PHOTOS! Photos can make or break a blog and these ladies (or rather, their photographers) do fabulous jobs with their locations, their lighting, their posing… it’s all very well thought out and I can’t stop looking. But onto about the blogs themselves…

Franish is a medical student and not only shares her outfits with links, but talks about how she budgets for shopping, how she works with vendors who ask for blog features and talks beauty products. This gal introduced me to Paula’s Choice face wash – it’s made a big difference for my skin – and she not only tested the product, but shared her results. Like real photos of her face without makeup. She’s committed.

Gal Meets Glam is rather new to me, but OH THE PHOTOS – OH THE LOCATIONS! If I remember correctly, she and her S.O. travel often and he photographs her regularly for her blog, but also takes so many other photos to share. They are amazing photos. Julia’s outfits are adorable. Hell, she’s adorable. Her Instagram is on point – check her out.

I’ve followed Kendi Everyday for several years now. I’ve always been interested in seeing her boutique pieces paired together, but she’s also shared a lot of herself with her readers. I remember reading her post about depression and it really made me love her more. Her style is a good blend of several and, well, she’s the cutest. She’s a keeper.

Audrey of Putting Me Together is my FAVORITE fashion blogger. I lurve her style – it’s laid back, it’s dressed up, it goes from day-to-night, it’s casual chic… I listen to what this lady puts into the interwebs. She may be on the other side of the country in San Diego and doesn’t have to fuss with winter coats, but it’s real life style. I’ve purchased things she’s blogged about. Audrey’s never led me astray, and I love her for it.

Modcloth’s Blog is super fabulous. Actually, everything about the brand is fabulous. Their website has some the cutest clothes you can find on the web and, honestly, the brand is solid, honest and authentic.

So these are my five fave fashion bloggers. If you have a fashion blogger – or Instagrammer – that you love, tell me about it!