My Five Fave: Flat Sandals

Anyone that knows me in the real world knows that I do not wear heels.  Unless the occasion, or outfit, requires it.  This includes but is not limited to: weddings, funerals, work events, interviews, nice dinners and the ever so fabulous three-course cruise boat dinners.  I sometimes wear heels for the heck of it.  But I don’t like driving in them.  I don’t really like walking in them.  And Mike and I are basically the same height and I don’t like to be taller than him.

But flats… I love flats, my feet love flats, and I’m so happy that they’re popular right now!  More specifically flat sandals.  Even more specifically, bright and inexpensive sandals.

My Five Fave: Flat Sandals

1. Coral braided (Target)  2. Brown braided (Target, not available)  3. Yellow Studded Slings (Payless)
4. Teal Braided Gladiators (Target, similar)  5. Black Studded Gladiators (Payless, not available)

Why?  Well, they go with everything.  (Everything.)  They’re nicer than flip-flops.  (Yeah.)  Safer too.  (I’ve had accidents in the past.)  And they help me pull an “outfit” together better.  (I’m not fashion savvy, but I try.  I really try.)  They are a staple, my go-to, and I keep being attracted to more just like them.  (I tell myself no.  All the time.  No.)

The sad part is my pedicure.  Or lack there of.  Actually, there’s a lack of toe nail to be precise.  I had an issue with a dog crate at 4:30 in the morning.  I then had another issue with a broken nail, blood everywhere and laying down on the ground so that if I passed out, I’d fall as little as possible.  So my colorful flat sandals that are usually worn with colorful toes are now paired with band-aids.

I wish I was making this up.

But band-aids or not, my little pigs will not be put in socks while it is still warm enough to tramp around in sandals.  And these five pairs will be making the rounds with me the rest of the summer. :)

Susan - The yellow and turquoise ones are calling my name! Love them!

Christy Tyler - hahaha – I love this. Also – we are the same person… :) Flats for the win!

rachel corbett - I also like flat sandals. Too clumsy to be wearing heels! You also know I am not one who gets pedicures/manicures ever. But I hear you on the toe thing. I dropped something on my big toe and now I have a huge spot of blood underneath the nail. So big and dark that it almost looks like i painted the toenail – just the one! But it doesn’t stop me from wearing open toed shoes to work. :)

Caili - Omgosh the toe story scarred me! But the shoes are terribly cute.