My Five Fave: Nail Polish

I’ve long been a nail biter and I hate it.  But for whatever reason, I can’t seem stop.  I have found, however, if I paint my nails, I don’t chomp on my finger tips (as much).  And now I’ve become a nail color fanatic!

I totally bought into the at-home manicure years ago and have quite the collection of fun colors, but there have been a few mishaps along the way.  Like actually learning how to paint the nails on my right hand, taking better care of my cuticles and a few tricks of the trade, like  nail prep.  (Did you know that polish sets better an a nail that’s just been swiped by polish remover? Not super clean nails?  Until a friend told me, neither did I.)

But as much as I love an at-home manicure, I still only get the stuff at the drug store.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about Butter and Julep, but I tend to stick to the under $8 variety.  There are certain brands of nail polish that I avoid, like Sally Hansen Xtreme (I noticed it flaked off a little too easily) and OPI (it never dries on my nails – sheet nails every time), but that doesn’t mean they don’t work for others.  And there are some that I’ve come to like, the ones I keep finding myself browsing through – my five fave:

1. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro (Midnight Blue)  2. Revlon Nail Enamel (Fearless)  3. Poshé (Top Coat)
4. L’Oréal Nail Color (Club Prive)  5. Essie Nail Laquer (Chinchilly)

The four colors can easily be found at drug stores and Target (which is why I favor them) and the top coat, Poshé, can be found in beauty stores but I snagged it from Amazon.  (It was a secret find from my friend, Susan, that I’ve told everyone about.)  But here are the reasons I like them so much:

• Inexpensive but still quality polish.

• Good coverage (although Essie usually takes an extra coat).

• Dries quite quickly.  And Poshé dries supah-fast!  (Dry to touch in 30 seconds, fully dry in 5 minutes.)

• Wears well. (My at-home manicure last about six days. By then I’m ready for another color.)

• The colors they offer are wonderful! Traditional reds, pinks and neutrals, but the darker shades, vibrant hues and non-traditional colors are the ones I usually go for.

• Poshé’s top coat works with every nail polish I’ve used and stays very shiny throughout the week.

The only negative I have is with the top coat.  I love it and use it, but it generally shrinks – I’ve started avoiding getting the polish on my skin so that the shrinkage isn’t as noticeable   And it never fails, right around the six-to-seven day mark, it peels.  But with as hard as I am on my nails and with as short as I like to keep them, it’s become my reminder to set some time aside and pamper myself.

I pampered myself this week.  And uncharacteristically, my nails are a sheer neutral.  (Unlike the teal that matched my new tissue paper last week.)  I liked the name of the color – Sweet Nothings.  Yes, I judge a horse by its name.

Susan - Love those colors! You’re right about Poshe peeling – but like you said, I just take that as a hint it’s time for a new manicure. The fast-drying makes it worth it! :)

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