My Five Fave: Songs I’m Crushing On

I’m tuned into music almost all day everyday.  My car stereo has been living on WFPK for months.   At the office, there’s usually music playing throughout the warehouse.  If there isn’t (or if isn’t pleasing my ears), I’ve turned to streaming.  I love Songza (the songs just repeat a little too often), Spotify is still new to me but we’re getting along just fine (I recreated 1996 in the form of a skate jam list) and WFPK streams online too.  (CANNOT get enough of WFPK.)  At home, iTunes keep me company as I edit photos and write blogs.  So it’s no wonder that I fall in (and out) of love with songs.  But these are the songs that I just can’t get out of my head, out of my bones… and I don’t wanna.

five fave songs

1. Jack White and Loretta Lynn | Portland, Oregon  2. Churchill | Change  3. Vampire Weekend | Diane Young
4. Imaginary Cities | Ride This Out  5. Brandi Carlile | The Story

So, Jack White and Loretta Lynn – there was definitely a one month period where I listened to this song at least three times a day.  And not only listened to the song, but watched the video on YouTube.  I’ve been all over Jack White for months (why just now – who knows) and I am enamored with his skill and love for music.  These two together are just fabulous.  I love the rendition of this song inside and out.  Even if it took me a few years to hear it after it was released.

Churchill’s Change is newer, released in 2013 if I’m not mistaken, and not only do I like the lyrics, but the melodic tune sucks me in each time.  It’s fun, upbeat and great to sing along with.  I might have listened to this song first thing in the morning, every morning, for a month straight – you’d be amazed how a song can brighten your mood faster than a cup of coffee.

The new Vampire Weekend!!!!!  I still haven’t heard the whole album, but I’m so stuck on Diane Young it wouldn’t matter anyway!

Ride This Is Out is also a couple of years old, but I’ve only recently heard it and even learned about Imaginary Cities.  (I’m convinced Canada was keeping them a secret.)  Marti Sarbit’s voice kind of reminds me of Amy Winehouse, but a little more loose and easy and I want her to sing every song I’ve ever loved – just to hear it from her lips.  My favorite thing about this song is how the tempo speeds up.  I challenge myself to chair dance to entire thing and keep beat.

Brandi, oh Brandi.  I’ve had a love affair with Brandi Carlile’s music for well over a year (maybe even two), but The Story is my most favoritest song of hers.  I could listen to it on repeat.  But I could also do that with almost any Brandi Carlile song.  That’s how much I’m crushing on this musical gal.  If you don’t know her, get on that – you won’t be disappointed.  I promise.