My Five Fave: Songs On Repeat

I listen to music 85% of the time I’m at work; since we live in cubicles eight hours each day and there are conversations and noise happening all around, I plug in my earbuds to get some work churned out with no interruptions. Spotify has been my streaming choice the last few years (thank you for the Discover Weekly!), but I’ve also found Songza to be fun to listen to as well. With music in my ears roughly 34 hours a week, some tunes get skipped over immediately, some become ear-worms and others get favorited and heard over and over again. This five fave is about the current five songs I cannot stop listening to.

My Five Fave: Songs on Repeat

1. Shakey Graves, feat. Esme Patterson | Dearly Departed  2. Chet Faker | Gold  3. Houndmouth | Sedona
4. Parliament | Flash Light  5. Two Worlds | Wrecking Ball

Thanks to the fabulous public radio station in Louisville, WFPK, once I heard Dearly Departed, it never left me. I would drum and clap the intro at the most random times, I sang it in the shower, belted it out with the radio in the car… it’s sooooooo goooooood. I love the strong beat, the harmonies, the lyrics — it’s an excellent song and introduced to more great stuff that Shakey Graves and Esme Patterson have created. And if you haven’t seen the official music video, please do — it’s fun to see how they interpreted the song.

Chet Faker is another WFPK discovery, I think shared by Duke on a morning drive in the office. I had to hear everything else Chet Faker had shared with the free world after that first song and I love it all. Gold is such a good some, and the Flume Re-work of it is just as great. If you’ve never heard of Chet Faker, you have now — Google him, find him on Spotify, listen to it all because he’s a revelation.

Houndmouth, I feel, is a fairly talked about band in these parts since they hail from New Albany on the sunny side of the river. I’ve listened to both of their albums, From the Hills Below and Little Neon Limelight several times, but Sedona is one of my favorites. The fact that they are local makes me love them even more. If you leave in, near or around Louisville and haven’t listened to Houndmouth, get it on it, people!

So, flash back with me to 1996… I’m in the 8th grade, I look ridiculous in a baggy t-shirt, jeans and my glasses that are too big for my face, but I’m having the time of my life as I go round and round the roller skating rink in a line with my friends, and there is nothing but funk music blasting out the speakers. If a funk song came on, we would all scramble as fast we could to get on the floor and start our jam skate. Flash Light is one that’s stuck with me over the years and probably won’t ever go away. It’s a part of my childhood and I can’t help but bounce along with the beat.

I love acoustic covers. Take a pop song I hate, make it acoustic and I’ll probably play five times in a row (um… William Fitzsimmons’ I Kissed A Girl cover… LOVE). Two Worlds covers a lot of different songs, really making them their own, but Wrecking Ball is my favorite. It’s moodier than the original and you forget two guys are singing it, you just get lost in the melody. I think you’ll like it too.

I did a similar post a few years ago featuring five songs I was crushing on — if you like this list, check it out too.