My Five Fave: Winter Finds

I prefer warmth over chilly weather, but this season I have embraced the idea of winter and did a little shopping. I cannot claim to know anything about fashion; I see what others do and copy it. And/or ask the gals at work if I’m “doing it right.” And/or maybe text photos of myself to a certain someone who validates me (and also tells me like it is).

But I feel that these five new pieces I’ve gotten this winter are on point. I didn’t discover them all myself, there has been help along the way, but then again — on point. So here are my five fave winter finds this year:

1. My new winter coat. I poked around online for a few days and then decided to brave the mall. I never saw the DKNY wool coat on Macy’s website, but pretty much had to have it after I tried it on. And lucky for me there was a sale plus some extra savings thanks to my Macy’s card. ;) You can find it here at

2. New boots. Clarks boots, to be exact. These particular shoes were actually shared on one of my favorite fashion blogs, Putting Me Together. I read her post, I clicked the link, I saw that there were only two pairs left, I made the plunge. And I liked them so much I got a second pair in dark gray. You can find them at

3. A chunky sweater from Gap. I don’t have that many sweaters in my closet; I tend to gravitate toward cardigans and then wear them all year round. But I liked this guy when I saw him at the Gap Outlet in Simpsonville. And made him mine. (Outlet find, no link to share. Sorry.)

4. The Loft’s skinny jeans. My [favorite] gal at work told me to check out the jeans at The Loft. I never shop there, but I figured why not — she was right. They’re awesome. Somehow the dark pair is a little looser than the light pair (it’s usually the other way around), but I can’t complain because these skinnies have gotten worn a lot already.

5. I got a vest. I haven’t worn a vest since I was… 12 years old? But when I was poking around the sporting goods store, I saw this Columbia vest and tried it on for the heckuvit. And I liked it. And it was on sale. My first thought was “THIS WOULD BE SO GREAT FOR PHOTO SESSIONS!” It’s light but warm, gives my arms more room to move and is white so it reflects light. I didn’t have many photo sessions this fall, but I’ve gotten a lot of wear out of it already since it hasn’t been super cold yet in Kentucky. You know you want one too.

The best thing about this five fave list is that so many of these can be worn together. And I have. And I’ll continue to. Because I know they work together. (I asked. I got validated.) Just know that vests are making a come back, y’all.

To see some of my other favorites in the wintertime, check out this five fave post.

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