My Point of View | 1Q17

I share a lot of my work throughout the year, but have taken to posting random images on my Instagram and not sharing them here. Which is fine… but kind of bums me out. I like to have a story to go with my photographs and a blog post is a bit harder than a photo caption on IG. But I wanted to do a kind of “photo dump” and share my work so far into this year.

There’s been a lot of experimenting, shooting what grabs my attention and many of the images below stand alone. But it gives a glimpse into what I do with my free time, what kind of scenes call to my heart right now and how I’m exploring. If you have any questions about them, just ask. My plan to post a blog like this, photos from my point of view, every quarter. Who knows how many of these will end up being favorites by the time the year ends. ♥

cherry blossom tree

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