A New Look for A New Year

This year, 2016, has been a year of change for me. I decided to no longer offer professional services and refocused my energy on learning how to shoot for myself and blog again. It hasn’t been an easy transition and I still find myself masking thoughts and ideas, but the goal was to try my best.

I’ve had a couple of months when I haven’t blogged regularly. There’s been some other months where the content I posted felt more forced than natural. And I haven’t missed a week for my weekly photo project #2016CMP52. (Although I have complained about it.) Overall though, I would say that I’m meeting my goal – I’ve pushed myself to shoot weekly, took a documentary approach workshop, and began to find my voice again.

With almost a year behind me – and with new things in front of me – it’s been a good time to reflect and I started thinking about what Brooke Murphy Photo would look like in 2017. I had toyed with the idea of re-branding the blog again; with the business closed it makes sense to step away from the look and brand I’ve had since 2013. But for some reason it took me forever to decide to do it – I hate making decisions, I weigh the pros against the cons, make excuses for myself, blah blah blah. No more.

Next year is about self-discovery. I’m already telling myself that it’s going to be on my New Year recommendations list. Habits have been learned and now it’s time to push myself a little more. And part of that included getting more familiar with my blog. How do I want to present it and my work to the small world I’m a part of? So I’ve been doing some much needed cleaning, making some updates and moving on…

This is photog Brooke. This is “shoots for herself” Brooke. This is bloggy Brooke. This is 2017 Brooke.bmp_2017header_900

Wendipants - Photog Brooke. Shoots for herself Brooke. Bloggy Brooke. 2017 Brooke.

Call it what you want…they all look good on you.