New Year – New Recommendations | 2017 Has GOT to Be Better

2017 has got to be better than the past year. It just has to be. Honestly, things in my slice of life were pretty good (aside from stomach issues which has been confirmed to be an ulcer). But the world around us? Woof. I’ve never been more welcoming of a New Year. I open my arms to it and am willing to smother it with kisses so it feels super special.

With a New Year comes a new list, but I don’t do resolutions. I think they’re waste of time and energy. People get so worked up about going to gym or becoming a “new you” and I just don’t get it. I also have never really completed a New Year’s resolution… so, there’s that.

Completed a goal? Yes. A resolution? Nope.

So I commit myself to New Year Recommendations. Which are things I’d like to improve upon, goals I’d like to accomplish and even stuff I’d like to keep being awesome at. My list of recommendations are suggestions for self-improvement. And no one else will be sad if I fail miserably. Not even myself.

So for 2017… I want to learn to be more patient and practice gratitude daily. I want to be surrounded by the people who bring me joy and let me share myself completely without judgement. I want to sing along, dance along and find myself embraced in random hugs. I need to learn to let go of things I can’t control… and stop worrying about other people; focus on what good I can do instead. And complain less. Although that one is super tricky. I plan to help my body heal by making healthy choices [and I really should get more exercise into my routine]. I want to have my camera in my hands everyday! And host a kickass Project 52 group! And let my heart lead my photography: be deliberate with my shooting and look past moments to see what’s coming next. I want to travel with my husband, go on an adventure together and enjoy each other’s company from sunrise to sunset. And really, when it comes to him, I want to remember all the times we laugh, hold hands, encourage each other, and find ourselves in comfortable silence.

I declared 2016 as the Year of Me. And I did a pretty stellar job coming back to remind myself of what I wanted for myself throughout the year. I want to practice a lot of the same in 2017. But differently. Like with a purpose in mind, if that makes any sense. So this New Year is really about being more comfortable with myself and enjoy being present. Because I can’t control a lot of what’s out there, that’s one thing 2016 taught me… but I can learn from it and think of how to put more good into the world.