New Year – New Recommendations | What Does 2019 Have in Store?

This year has been one that will not be forgotten.

Mike and I went to Hawaii – so amazing and my most favorite vacation we’ve ever done. I got a promotion at work – and my own team of fantastic creatives to support. I saw CHICAGO! for the first time. I played Lasertag more than once. (What?) My book club had another successful year and read 11 (maybe 12) books together. I finished a total of 40 books myself (reading and audio). I learned how to meal prep, changed my diet to low-carb and ended up losing the 15 pounds I gained in the spring. (Oops.) Oh, and I started a new Instagram feed to help keep me accountable too. I went to my third Kentucky Derby and saw Justified win, the second time I’ve seen a Triple Crown winner. I won $500 at Churchill Downs on a trifecta box bet. I finished another Project 52. I got to see the Reds win at home, the Cards fire their football coach, and the basketball team kicked things off great with Coach Mack. We’ve had impromptu fish sandwiches and nightcaps with our neighbors. Speaking of neighbors, I adopted a cat from some folks who moved away – Cornflake is the sweetest lover man. And stays outside. I went roller skating for the first time in years – and I didn’t fall! We hosted several gatherings over the year, using our friends and family as guinea pigs as we tried new recipes. We also did those paint-and-wine nights… twice… we are such good artists. Ha! I went paddle boarding for the first time. I rode roller coasters – a lot of them – at Universal Studios and know that I still love it. And Harry Potter World… totally stood in line with my magic wand to take turns with the kiddos and cast charms. I saw the Atlantis Shuttle and Saturn V while touring the Kennedy Space Center with my childhood friend Shelly. I went to my first speakeasy. And I ate brunch so many times that you’d think I wouldn’t remember each one, but boy, do I. I got to walk out on the Louisville football field, stand on the cardinal bird and meet Eric Wood. (Thank you, Molly!!!) Fair Day came and went – all the fun was had, per usual. And Mike and I celebrated 14 years of marriage too if you can believe that.

This past year was a fantastic year. I did so many new things and memorable things that all of the weird and gross stuff that was happening in the world, in our country, didn’t bring me down. I had my moments and definitely had some debates, but overall I can’t complain about my 2018. Mike and I have surrounded ourselves with the best people you could ask for, and make it a point to let them know how much they mean to us. Old friends and new, and our families that continue to love and support us. My DAd has always reminded me that “not having kids” was a mistake… but I love the life we have, the folks that are in it, and who we are. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

So 2019… I don’t know about you yet.

But I do know that I’m going to continue singing along, dancing when the mood hits, and making fun of myself (and others, obviously) to keep laughter in the air. I want to be authentic, be my true self – but I want to be kind and keep others feelings in mind. This is something I need to work on as the cynic in me has been a pest lately. I want to be brave enough to keep trying new things. I want to learn to forgive others, as their actions are not usually ill-intentioned. And to find joy in everything. Be it hobbies, activities, reading, learning, creating, working… and even in the quiet times.

And I’m going to take a little break from blogging. I haven’t had much blog fodder, feel like I’ve lost my voice a little bit, and it’s been more “work” than anything this year. But #2019P52 is in the works already – so check us out if you’re interested in a little personal challenge for the New Year. I don’t think you’ll miss me, but you know where to find me if you do. xoxo

2018 montage