New Year – New Recommendations | Let’s Do This, 2018!

Dear 2017,

You weren’t a bad year. Better than 2016 in so many ways… but also tough and disappointing in other ways. But with that said, know that it was still a good year to be spent with those we love. And I’d like to do all of that again, but since we don’t “resolute” let’s do try to sprinkle in more “recommendations” for the New Year.

So in 2018… I want to be inspired by everything around me – every place, every person – and stay curious about what can be done with that inspiration. And I’d like to inspire others, whether it’s the new Project 52 or my art or my actions. And art… I want to make art. With my heart, deliberately, intentional or accidental, that I’m proud of. I want to keep the people I love most near me… the ones that support me and love me how I am, not how they want me to be… the ones that bring me joy and voice no harsh judgements… my tribe. I want to find more time to sing songs that make me happy, to dance and act silly with all the littles, and be in the moment instead of worrying what other people think. I plan to “let go” of more this year than last, not carry burdens I cannot remedy, and instead keep focusing on what good I can do. Patience and gratitude on are my practice list, as well as continuing my journey with yoga – it’s been quite transformational for me even in just a few weeks, both physically and mentally. Along with that, I want to be more aware of what I’m putting into my body – how much, how it makes me feel – and become smarter in that area of my life. And probably not lastly but the last thing I’ll write here, is I look forward to my future adventures with my husband. We have so much fun together, enjoy each other’s company and I’m very excited to explore new experiences and places with him in the New Year.

Like I said, you were good, 2017, but I know we can do better. I’ve already sensed a shift of change in myself since November and I know that only good can come from it. So let’s do this!

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